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In Class Training

In Class Training

This study program is designed to improve floor traders’ ability to exercise their profession. Professional Floor Traders Inc. (PFTI) offers a training program that will develop or reinforce the skills needed to trade on the stock market. This study program is also intended for any investor willing to make his or her own investment choices or with the desire to learn more about investment strategies.

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Teaching Material

Stock exchange handbook consisting of 43 modules:

  • 22 modules—Strategies for stock trading
  • 19 modules—Strategies for options trading
  • 1 module—Strategies for exchange-traded funds (ETF)
  • 1 module—Foreign currency options and Futures
  • Computer (the student must have a personal laptop)

    Educational video modules by specialists

    Consulting specialized websites


  • Support and free consultations offered during the two years following the course.